Human trafficking has become a substantial issue both globally and here in America. Our city of Tampa is referred to as one of the worst cities in the world for human trafficking. Today there are approximately 36 million people living as slaves. Those who are affected by this terrible enslavement are the overlooked populations of refugees, immigrants and women. Victims spend their lives being exploited for the profit of others. What is the most devastating, however, is the reality that many are unaware and uninformed about this terrible and on going issue. Activist and artist, Molly Gochman, created the Red Sand Project in an effort to spread awareness and educate the public about human trafficking. As a result of these unfortunate victims remaining unknown and overlooked in society or “falling through the cracks”, the Red Sand Project encourages people to pour a vibrant red sand in sidewalk cracks to symbolize this issue.

So, over the course of this weekend, Peter and I filled as many sidewalk cracks as we could find with vibrant red sand. We hope to spread awareness and spark interest about this terrible issue to people! We also hope to inspire others to get involved in the #RedSandProject and to stand up for these victims, who are incapable of standing up for themselves.

To join a campaign near you visit www.ENDcrowd.com.

The only way we can end human trafficking is by working together and becoming educated..! Demand slavery-free products, fund anti-slavery work worldwide, educate the vulnerable about their rights and empower those in slavery to take a stand for freedom!

To follow the Red Sand Project please visit www.mollygochman.com

Thank you for reading and please let us know how you get involved!
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