About two weeks we saw our first wild dolphin, at Bayshore Boulevard in Tampa. Since then we have returned to Bayshore almost everyday in the hopes of seeing more. We discovered that when you go with high hopes and an expectation to see a dolphin, they hide. While when we go with an open mind and are unexpecting, they grace us with their magical presence. Today we biked about three miles down bayshore and stopped for breakfast at Daily eats, a cute diner with delicious milkshakes. After breakfast we returned to bayshore. Within of moments of our arrival, we saw a fin in the distance. As we observed more we noticed two fins, then three, then four! Suddenly the fins started swimming towards us. They swam right up to the edge of the pathway, we could see there whole body caressing through the water. As the started to move, we followed. We ended up sprinting and aggressively biking to keep up with them for over four miles. Seeing them in their natural habitat full of happiness and wonder was truly an amazing sight. In fact, an addicting sight! They knew that we were watching them and they began to put on a little show for us, spinning around and jumping up. We were fascinated by them and dazzled by their beauty. It was a truly a remarkable experience and better than anything zoos and SeaWorld have to offer! They were a reminder of how much we love where we live and how happy we are with our lives.

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One thought on “Dolphins

  1. Awe, that’s so cool! I love animals, and it’s really awesome that the dolphins put on a little show for you. And you raced alongside them…I bet you guys lost! Dolphins are fast swimmers.

    It must be really nice to be young and in love and living in such an interesting place. Lol…you two have so many adventures, are you actually learning anything in college??



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