Coco for Coconuts

As they say, “all good things must come to end,” and that unfortunately includes spring break. For our last day we enjoyed a much needed sleep in, before waking up and going to the beach for the last time. We headed to the beach with the pure intention of just relaxing and sunbathing. When we got the beach, we noticed a beautiful lush palm tree full of coconuts. We ran right over to the palm tree and starting yanking on the coconuts. Once we got one down from the tree, we began the process of trying to crack it open. We started by banging rocks and sticks, but nothing would crack the thick shell of the coconut. We notice the beach access trail had a metal sign at the bottom of it. So what did we do? We started banging the coconut again the metal sign and surprisingly it cracked open. Inside, was a generous amount of pure and fresh coconut water. So, we started passing the coconut back and forth enjoying a natural breakfast. We left beach shortly after and got on the road for the three hour journey back to Tampa. Although we wish spring break could be forever, we are so thankful for the amazing break we had! We got to do all of our favorite things; travel, surf, photograph, spend time together, and relax at the beach. We hope you all have enjoyed all of our spring break adventures and are enjoying your own spring breaks! Xx

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