Portuguese Man of War Attack

We started this blog with the intention and hope to inspire people to live life to fullest and to get out there and explore. With that, we have had the tendency of only sharing our happy moments and nothing but sunshine with our viewers. Recently, we have been receiving requests to share some of our not-so-happy moments, some of the downfalls of our travels, the negative experiences; the very stuff that makes us human. So, I thought I would share a recent bump in the road we faced.. On our first day in Jupiter, we headed right over to Jupiter Beach (http://theadventuresofpeterandzoe.com/2016/03/14/jupiter-beach/). Typically, throughout our beach adventures I tend to stick to the shore line, enjoying the beauty of the water from afar and just watching Peter shred the waves. With a “Spring Break” mindset and beautiful sunny weather, I decided to join Peter in the ocean. We have so much fun in the ocean together, salty kisses, splashing, and swimming with each other are just some of the fun we have. The fact that I rarely go in the ocean is what makes it so special and entertaining when I do. Amidst the pure pleasure I was having I started doing hand-stands, placing my delicate hands on the sandy sea floor and propelling my legs high into the sky. I decided I would do one more handstand and then swim back to shore to sun bathe. With a smile on my face, I slapped my hands on the sand in an effort to do a handstand until I was rudely awaked by a sharp unknown pain. I quickly swam to the surface while pain radiated throughout my hand. Looking at my fingers, It seemed as if my skin was welting, I had no idea what happened. Showing peter, we realized that a jellyfish had leached on my hand. I did my best to remain calm as placed my arm on Peter’s surfboard to carefully have the tentacles removed. By the time they were off, I was in a full blown panic. I doggy-paddled to shore looking like a maniac. As soon as I exited the water, the pain was unbearable. At first my whole hand stiffened up, shortly after my whole arm stiffened up. It was like nothing I’ve ever felt before and unlike any other jellyfish sting I have ever dealt with in my life. It was then when we decided to research exactly what had stung me. Typing in the colors, shapes, and symptoms into our trusty friend Google, we discovered I have been stung by a Portuguese Man of War! We immediately gathered our things, left the beach, and headed over to the closest drugstore we could find. I took Benadryl, and soaked my entire hand in Vinegar for about forty minutes. This only relieved some of the pain. For the rest of the day and night I constantly lathered my fingers in Caladryl. The pain did not stop until I woke up totally fine the following day! In the end, I realized I was very lucky. Portuguese Man of War’s are an extremely dangerous animal. Had they stung me anywhere else, specifically near my heart, it could have caused much more serious problems and in some cases even death!

Here is the mean Man of War that stung me!:

Processed with VSCOcam with c6 preset


5 thoughts on “Portuguese Man of War Attack

  1. Hey Zoe, I would’ve been freaked out too! I’ve never been stung by a jellyfish, and I don’t want to be either. Yes, you were lucky. There are many of those creatures that are deadly. I’m glad that your sting turned out to be okay.

    But don’t blame the Man of War…he was in his home, and I guess it didn’t like having someone plop their hands down on it!

    Great story…thanks for sharing 🙂


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