Cocoa Beach

We woke before the sun. Tired but eager, we rolled out of bed and were on the road before 6 am. We rented a car in Tampa and spent the night on the 24th floor of a Downtown Orlando apartment. With only a short hour-long drive ahead of us until Cocoa beach, we could hardly contain our excitement. At home in NJ, Peter surfed every chance he got. Since moving to Tampa, positioned on the Gulf of Mexico, he has been dying to surf.

We got to the beach in perfect timing, arriving at the same time as the sun. We watched as the sun rose and enchanted the sky with its fluorescent tones. Waiting for the waves to become less choppy from the wind, Zoë did yoga while Peter waxed his board. Cocoa Beach is known for some of the best waves on the east coast but also the runner up for the shark capital of the world. Peter ran into the waves, as I watched and worried. He did amazing, catching wave after wave. Riding some waves for longer than he ever has. Seeing him so happy means everything to me. The beach is tremendous by the pier. We walked underneath and searched for the perfect shells. After a long day of surfing and sun bathing, we went to the top of the pier for a ocean-side outdoor lunch. Nothing in the world is better than a day full of salty kisses, surf boards, sun and smiles.

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