About us

We’re Peter and Zoë! We have been dating for a year and almost 2 months. We met over the phone. Instantly, we became fond of each other through our voices having no idea what the person on the other line looked like. We were just two strangers separated by 166 miles, three hours and eight minutes and two states. The first time we met, Peter picked me up from Earth Pizza. The organic, vegan, gluten free, bullshit pizza place I worked at. I met him wearing an unflattering white tee-shirt decorated with tomato sauce and the smell of work. We talked about everything. He told me about when he surfed in Costa Rica and promised that one day he’d teach me. I was supposed to be on a work break, but I called and lied to my boss saying I had to go to a family dinner and couldn’t come back. When I met him, I felt a connection like I’d never felt with anyone else and I wasn’t going to let a bunch of messy vegan pizza lovers get in my way. Once summer came, we became best friends, inseparable, and too shy to express how we really felt about each other. Until one day we couldn’t hold back our feelings anymore. We fell in love. Hard. We were head over heels and couldn’t get enough of each other. The moment we connected, it was the beginning of a grand adventure that is our relationship. Despite how perfect life felt, everything would drastically change before we knew it. Peter attended a boarding school called Salisbury School in the North-west corner of Connecticut. The time when we would spend everyday with each other would now become a distant memory. Although there would be distance and time between us, we decided to stay together. Sometimes when you meet someone so special to you, nothing can come between you. No distance, amount of time, person, nothing. Although being in a long distance relationship came with a lot of tears and lonely nights. It left us with an uncontrollable feeling of wanting to be somewhere else. We would have done anything to be together. It would be the beginning of many adventures. Nowadays, our adventure as taken us to Tampa, Florida, where we are calling home for the next four years, while we attend the University of Tampa (yay)!!

We created this blog in order to share our adventures with the world. We hope to inspire you all to live life to the fullest and to get out there and explore!

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